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Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
Set - Galaxy
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    Set - Galaxy


    Mini Backpacks: These adorable mini backpacks are the same manufacturer as the amazing drawstring and pouches!

    • Approximately 10” tall, 8.5” wide, 4.5” on side panel
    •  18” strap on the smallest setting, 35” largest setting - with 25” being comfortable for me (a plus-size adult) and also fits an average 7 year old
    • Water resistant polyester fabric
    • Large zip front pocket, lined interior with slip pocket and small side panel pockets.


    Pouch: Perfect for pens, pencils, makeup, diapers, masks, money and more!

    • Slight flare at the top, measuring 8.5” along the top zipper and 7” along the bottom.
    • Height: 5.3”
    • Water resistant fabric
    • Machine washable
    • Weight: approximately 1.2oz
    • Please note that the photo shown is a digital rendering and real life items may vary slightly.

    Drawstring Bag: 

    Trick or Treat! The perfect bag for the season is here. Why bring a pillowcase when you can bring a fun drawstring bag!

    The bag that does it all! Carry spare clothes for a child or to the gym, beach or snack bag, wet bag for swimsuits, diapers and more!

    The images shown are digital renderings of the items, please be aware that the real life items may vary slightly.

    • Measures 15.35” high by 11.8” wide.
    • Soft cotton rope strings.
    • Water resistant, polyester fabric material.
    • Weight is approximately 3oz per bag